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make your WordPress site your own.

With roughly 20% of all websites using the framework, WordPress is the most popular content management system in the world. If your business is already one of its millions of users then a custom WordPress theme is right for you.

You should have a website that is tailored to your brand and specific needs. While there are thousands of excellent pre-made WordPress themes available, how you interact with your customers is important, and should be done in your own unique way. With a custom WordPress theme you can accomplish just that and still manage your content using the framework you are already familiar with.

Like mom always said; be yourself.

a custom wordpress theme is right for you if:

1 You are familiar with/already using a WordPress website.

2 You want a website made custom to your brand and needs, to give it a professional edge.

3 You have a blog and want a theme to match your static website.

things to consider

WordPress websites are very complex and require regular maintenance. You should evaluate your ability and availability to maintain a WordPress website before committing to one.

Because WordPress websites are complex, there is a higher risk of something breaking.

WordPress websites are somewhat bloated and slow, making them less ideal for mobile devices and slower internet connections.

For these reasons you may want a

traditional website

examples of wordpress themes


C Drake Carpentry

C Drake Carpentry creats expertly crafted carpentry projects all over Central Ontario. I set them up with a custom WordPress theme that showcases their work and allows them to manage their own galleries.

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Patience Piano Studio

Patience Piano Studio offers a variety of music programs for people of all ages. The ability to update update classes and program information was a must, so I developed a custom WordPress theme with custom post types to make managing their content easy.

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