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manage your own content and design.

If you are tech savvy and interested in managing your own website but need some help getting started, then look no further. There a many Content Management Systems that can enable you to take control over your website's content and design. I specialize in WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla frameworks but I am more than capable of assisting you with any solution you may want to work with.

If you are selling online I can also help you with your e-commerce CMS. Whether it's Shopify, Volusion, X-Cart, or another solution, I have got you covered.

a CMS is right for you if:

1 You want complete control over the content and design of your website.

2 You have a firm grasp of technology and are confident in your ability to learn a new user interface.

3 You are setting up a personal blog or a non-profit website and not looking to make a large investment.

things to consider

Although CMS's do not require any coding knowledge, they are not necessarily simple to use. They all have a learning curve and may be too complex for the less tech savvy.

CMS's tend to be somewhat bloated and slow, making them less ideal for mobile devices and slower internet connections. Combating this requires special knowledge that you may have to hire a professional for.

A Large complex framework means more potential for things to go wrong.

If you think you will often need professional assistance with your CMS website a better option may be a:

Custom Website

examples of CMS websites


Linx Contracting

Linx Contracting had a Joomla website in need of updating. Together we found template that meets the requirements of modern internet devices and rivals the best websites in their industry. The new website also features a blog and space for sharing documents with clients and business partners.

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Riverdale Christian Academy

Riverdale provides students with quality education that suits their learning style and their needs as well as their parents’ wishes. Each student has an individualized education plan, ensuring that each child is learning at his/her own rate and incorporating topics they enjoy into standard subjects.

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Royal Pets Hotel

The Royal Pets Hotel and Spa provides the absolute best in pet care and pampering to Ontario’s dogs and cats. They had an old theme that they loved but was no longer being supported. So I customized a modern theme to have the same look.

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Bethel Community Church

Bethel Community Church is a community focused church in Barrie's north-east end. They already had a WordPress site in place but needed a new theme with more features. The new theme is robust and allows theme to manage virtually every aspect of their website themselves, including styles.

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